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By Jim Harper – Author of How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely

This page was updated Nov. 2016

Subject - Antipsychotic Medication Metabolic Syndrome and Weight Gain

Antipsychotic Medication - It is common knowledge among healthcare providers that antipsychotic medications cause weight gain. Too often it is more than just a little bit of weight gain but obesity. It is also common for diabetes, hypertension and a host of other conditions to begin when an antipsychotic medication is used for more than a very short duration.

Decreasing the impact of the metabolic syndrome is critical and directly relates to quality of life. Metabolic syndrome is a serious problem and highly prevalent in patients with schizophrenia but also prevalent with all patients taking antipsychotic medication.

Hyperglycemia, triglyceridemia, decrease in HDL, cardio metabolic risk, obesity, insulin resistance and hypertension are the most common dysfunctions associated with antipsychotic medication induced metabolic syndrome.

A study using saffron has shown to keep the metabolic syndrome under the threshold when taken before starting an antipsychotic medication. Crossing this threshold is when weight gain begins.

A supplement, yes a supplement, called Neuro CLN has the ingredients that have been clinically tested to stop the two things in the body that play a role in the metabolic syndrome going too high. One is a gene called JNK and one is a protein called MAP4K4. The clinical studies show this formula actually stops the activation of the JNK gene which is the major source of the problem.  Click here