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Chapter 22

Frequently Asked Questions

THIS CHAPTER MAINLY addresses questions about the supplements used on the program. Reducing the medication is fairly straightforward. You reduce the drug slowly and if side effects become too unbearable, go back to the last dosage you were doing fine with, get stable and the next time you reduce the drug, reduce it slower.

The Neuro Day will likely be the one supplement that brings the most change for you and the one supplement that gets rid of most withdrawal side effects.

Always start by taking the Neuro Day 2 times a day. One capsule each time and keep the capsules at least 3 hours apart.

Let’s say you are doing great most of the day but anxiety still comes back at 5pm. Take the second Neuro Day at 4pm.

You can adjust the Neuro day around to fit you and your symptoms.

The only rules with the Neuro Day:

Only take 1 capsule at a time

No more than 2 capsules in a day.

Wait at least 3 hours before taking the second Neuro day.

JNK Formula – The JNK Formula were introduced to the program mid-2010 and were a major breakthrough at that time for symptoms relief.

With the introduction of the Neuro Day the JNK Formula are not the predominate supplement any longer. It is still as effective as ever but with the Neuro Day addition, you no longer need to take as much of the JNK Formula.

Taking 1 JNK Formula capsule, twice a day is all that is needed now, instead of 3 capsules from the old formula.