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Chapter 22

Frequently Asked Questions

THIS CHAPTER MAINLY addresses questions about the supplements used on the program. Reducing the medication is fairly straightforward. You reduce the drug slowly and if side effects become too unbearable, go back to the last dosage you were doing fine with, get stable and the next time you reduce the drug, reduce it slower.

The Neuro Endure Mini will likely be the one supplement that brings the most change for you and the one supplement that gets rid of most withdrawal side effects.

Always start by only taking 1 Neuro Endure Mini 3 times a day 5 hours apart. From there you can adjust this supplement a little.

Let’s say you are doing great most of the day but anxiety still comes back at 5pm and the next Neuro Endure Mini is not scheduled to take until 6pm. Take the Neuro Endure Mini at 4:30pm and see if that stops the 5pm anxiety from starting. The Neuro Endure Mini will tablet will completely dissolve within 30-minutes after you take the tablet and this may be all you need to do to fix the 5pm anxiety.

You can also increase the Neuro Endure Mini – You may do better taking 2 or 3 tablets, 3 times a day 5 hours apart.

You may do best taking 1 tablet in the morning and 2 tablets the second time you take the Neuro Endure Mini. It is ok to experiment with this. Keep good notes of how your major symptoms come and go during the daytime and adjust the Neuro Endure Mini accordingly.

When you experience a very positive change with the Neuro Endure Mini; that is the sign to not increase it further. Too much of a good thing is not what we are going for here.

JNK Capsules – The JNK capsules were introduced to the program mid-2010 and were a major breakthrough at that time for symptoms relief.

With the introduction of the Neuro Endure Mini the JNK capsules are not the predominate supplement any longer. It is still as effective as ever but with the Neuro Endure Mini addition, you no longer need to take as much of the JNK capsules.

Taking 1 JNK Capsule is all that is needed now instead of 3 capsules. Also changed, take the JNK Capsule in the mid-morning now. Take this supplement anywhere between your morning wake up and your normal lunchtime.

You can increase the JNK Capsules if you feel the need to do that. You can take as much as 3 capsules 3 times a day.

The best way to tell if more JNK is needed is by evaluating how you feel after taking the 1 JNK Capsule in the morning. If the morning JNK reduces any symptoms a little but not completely, try increasing by 1 capsule.

You can take additional JNK’s in the afternoon and the evening as well. Decide if you should take more of the JNK based on symptoms, symptoms returning at specific times etc.

Most everyone will do perfectly fine with only one JNK each mid-morning so give this at least 7 days before you start adjusting the JNK around and start taking more.

Those of you tapering from an antidepressant or antipsychotic drug that have gained weight will likely be the candidates that will benefit from using additional JNK Capsules. Don’t be surprised if you actually begin to lose some weight with this addition as well if you are overweight.

Body Calm Daytime Relief – If this supplement is what your body needs it will feel like true magic. A sign this is the right supplement for you will be; reduction of depression, reduction of anxiety, a more calm feeling and less agitation.

You can take 1 or 2 capsules at a time and you can take this supplement every 2 to 4 hours.

If the Body Calm Daytime Relief is that magical for you I suggest you try it as well at bedtime for sleep. Take 1 or 2 capsules 15-minutes before bedtime. If you awake in the middle of the night you can take additional capsules.

Adrenalpin – This supplement is often overlooked and overlooked by myself as well when assisting people. It was originally formulated to be used only when a person experienced anxiety first thing in the morning and the anxiety would fade away a little near noontime but then come back again at noon with full force. This is still the time to use the Adrenalpin but feedback from people has shown the Adrenalpin is quite effective for daytime anxiety even if it does not start, fade and return near noontime.

If the other supplements are not able to completely crack through the daytime anxiety, keep the Adrenalpin in mind. You would take 1 capsule in the mid-morning and 1 more in the mid-afternoon with a little food.

Omega 3 Supreme TG – I seriously doubt you will need to take more than 2 softgels in the morning and 2 at noon for the head symptoms when tapering an antidepressant but you can increase to as many as 4 softgels morning and noon if needed.

As soon as the head symptoms have left, reduce back down again.

When Reducing Medication

Sometimes when you reduce a medication side effects will still begin. If this is happening to you I suggest you increase the supplements the day before you lower the dosage of your drug.

You might increase the Neuro Endure Mini by 1 tablet, increase how much and often you take the JNK, and Body Calm Daytime Relief. If tapering an antidepressant and head symptoms always start, increase the Omega 3 Supreme TG the day before lowering the antidepressant.