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If you are unsure what to do but you know you need to do something; we suggest you begin with only using the JNK Formula supplement. Just take one capsule twice a day four hours apart. One bottle gives a 30 day supply. Feel the positive changes, then decide if you want to come off the medication or stay on it and feel better. At least there is a choice for you now.


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Chapter 18

How To Taper Off Multiple Medications

How To Taper

Off Multiple



What to Do If You Are Taking Multiple Drugs

With our breakthroughs this past year, people are now able to taper off more than one medication at a time. The reformulated JNK Formula and Neuro Day have made this possible and this new breakthrough cuts the time it takes a person to be medication free dramatically.

There are still some things that need to be watched when reducing more than one medication at a time.

The medications that can be reduced at the same time are: ADD,  ADHD,  stimulants,  antidepressants  and  antipsychotics  can be reduced at the same time.

Any combination of these medications can be reduced simultaneously.

Alternate their reductions every 14-days. An example of this would be:

  • Reduce the antidepressant

  • 7 days later reduce the antipsychotic

  • 7 days later reduce the antidepressant again

  • 7 days later reduce the antipsychotic again

This still gives 14-days before the dosage of a specific medication is reduced and if withdrawal side effects begin, it makes it easier to tell which drug reduction is causing the problem.

If you are also taking a benzodiazepine, anti-anxiety drug or sleep medication, taper these drugs first, before you reduce any other class of drug. The antidepressants, antipsychotics, ADD, ADHD, stimulants increase the clearance time of the benzodiazepines by as much as 50% and if you reduce these other drugs first you will go in withdrawal with the benzodiazepine, even though the benzodiazepine dosage was not reduced. You can read Chapter 23, The Science, for more information on this.

Pre-Taper for More Than One Drug

Read through the pre-taper chapters for each drug you want to taper off and use the required supplements and the instructions on how to take each supplement. You simply combine the programs.

Tapering off multiple medications is now as easy as tapering off one! Welcome to the New Road Back Program and we thank the people that paved the way for this advancement.