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New JNK Formula and Program Change

This page is written by Jim Harper the founder and author of How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely

Over the past 18 years, The Road Back program has changed as new information became available.

November 2016, has brought one of the most significant changes to this program ever. How you reduce a medication has not changed but how to get relief from side effects while taking a medication, a faster method to get relief from withdrawal side effects is now at hand and if you are already off a medication when you found this site, faster relief for you is now here.

This new JNK Formula was created because of a human study conducted with the ingredients that make up the formula.

You just need to review the recent 150 person clinical study using the JNK Formula to understand why it was changed.

PANAS - Positive Affect Negative Affect Schedule

A 300% increase in positive feelings compared to placebo regarding positive feelings

Slightly over a 300% improvement with less negative feeling compared to placebo

DASS - Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale

A 400% improvement of depression compared to placebo for depression

A 250% improvement for anger compared to placebo

A 450% improvement for stress compared to placebo

POMS Results - Change in Mood

A 250% improvement for the feeling of tension compared to placebo

A 300% improvement for fatigue compared to placebo

A 450% improvement for confusion compared to placebo

A 500% improvement for vigor compared to placebo

These improvements were after 4 weeks.

Take a moment and evaluate how you would feel at this very moment.

If you had a 300% increase in a positive mood

If you had a 400% less depression

If you had a 250% reduction of anger

If you had 450% reduction in stress feelings

If you had 250% less tension

If you had 300% less fatigue

If you had 450% less confusion

If you had 500% more vigor

How would you be feeling at this moment in time IF you improved in just 1 of those areas?

Many of you would never have started a psychoactive medication if you had improvements like these before the prescription was written.

This is why the JNK supplement in the program changed.

And to top it off; the new JNK Formula the is encapsulated inside a NON-GMO veggie capsule and is free of all binders, fillers and additives.