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Drug  Induced Weight  Gain Solutions

By Jim Harper – Author of How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely

Antidepressant Weight Gain

Lexapro, Cymbalta, Effexor, Celexa, Zoloft - Including all other antidepressants that cause weight gain

The Road Back Program has the answer for antidepressant induced weight gain. The reduction in weight is only one of the benefits using this method.

At least 52.2% of the people that currently take or took an antidepressant will have at least a 7% increase in their weight.

If you weighed 140 pounds before, you are now right at 150 pounds or more.

The weight gain and even the increase in appetite was not your fault.

Antidepressants have caused proteins, enzymes and even a few genes in your cells to act irregularly. This has caused the weight gain.

It has taken over 18 years of research and clinical studies to figure out why antidepressants cause weight gain and how to reverse this side effect.

You have likely tried all methods to lose the weight. Cutting calories, exercising, supplements and nothing has worked.

September 2017, The Road Back Program completely changed the supplements used to reduce or eliminate withdrawal side effects. This was quite an extensive change to the formulas and a has had a direct impact on being able to also address weight gain without the need of a person to also purchase additional supplements.

The proteins, enzymes and genes responsible for the vast majority of antidepressant side effects are also the proteins, enzymes and genes responsible for the weight gain.

Now, if you only need or want to lose weight, you can take the same supplements that also address the other medication side effects and have a benefit all the way around.

The supplements are called JNK Formula, Neuro Day and Neuro Night. The manufacturer has offered the 3 as a package for us with a substantial discount. Click here to go to their site. One bottle of the Neuro Day, JNK Formula and Neuro Night will last 30 days.

What to Expect

These supplements are not weight loss supplements. Again, they are supplements that help the proteins, enzymes and genes within our cells work properly. The supplements do not cause an increase of metabolism or other typical weight loss supplement feelings.

If you are not overweight and take these supplements, they will not cause further weight loss.

You have got some things to undo and balance if the weight gain was caused by an antidepressant. This will likely take 60 to 90 days to balance again. Realistically, no way around that.

The diets you have tried in the past that failed should now work for you.

Again, these supplements are not weight loss supplements but bring your body back to the point where it can now lose weight with the right diets and exercise.

If you used; Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or whatever diet you may have tried, you can go back on it now and most likely lose weight.

If you have tried Garcinia Cambogia supplement before without success, that supplement will likely help stop food cravings now and help with the weight loss as well.