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Drug Induced Weight Gain

 Article by Jim Harper, founder of The Road Back Program.

Antidepressants and antipsychotics are known to cause weight gain. Before weight gain was listed as a side effect of antidepressants, The Road Back had been looking for a cause of the weight gain and a solution for several years. As you read this article I have only used the medication, antidepressant. I am also referring to antipsychotics.

In 2010, the cause of antidepressant weight gain was finally uncovered. Once specific gene in our cells as well as a few proteins that reside upstream of this gene are the cause.

Antidepressants cause this gene to become too active. This gene is called, JNK gene.  The method to reduce the activation of the JNK gene was fairly easy to figure out. Finding these other proteins that continue to keep the JNK too activated is another story, and a long one.

People that have gained weight due to the antidepressant seem to be no different than others that have just gained weight over time and have never taken an antidepressant. You want to lose weight fast and easily. You are looking for some magical fix.

You do get one wish; this really is a magical fix. You know as well as I do, nothing else has worked. You might be an aerobics instructor who works out 10 hours a day and the weight is still being added every month. You’ve not changed your diet, you still eat very healthy and the weight just keeps coming.

This is what you can do to reduce the activation of the JNK gene and the proteins that reside upstream from the JNK gene and finally have a chance to finally lose weight.

I’ve been helping people overcome side effects from these medications for over 19 years and might be a little to direct and to the point for some people. Sometimes facts are just the facts but ultimately, results are results. If you do not wish to use this solution to lose weight, continue with what you’ve been doing or keep searching and hoping there is some other solution. I do wish you luck with finding an alternative.

Have your physician research the JNK gene and the MAP4K4 for antidepressant induced weight gain and weight loss. They will be a little surprised with what they find and most likely look at you and give you a very fast thumbs up with a smile.

Nutritional Supplements to Take

JNK Formula – You will take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the afternoon

CBD oil – You will take one serving 4 times a day. Spread the servings out so the last serving is 15 minutes before bedtime.

Gentle Detox Cleanse – Take 2 capsules each day. One in morning and one in the afternoon

When you start the supplements you should also begin a diet plan of some type. Either use one of the many diet programs that come with premade meals or if you are making your own meals be aware of calorie intake. The calorie and meals are something you have likely already tried without success. They should work when also taking these supplements.

If you currently exercise at least 3 times a week, continue exercising.

If you do not get any exercise you need to take 3 brisk walks each week for a minimum of 20 minutes each time you walk.

If you have never taken an antidepressant; diet and exercise work for most every people. Antidepressants make this so a different approach needs to be undertaken or you have no hope of weight loss.

When you order these supplements you will be receiving a 30 day supply of each

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4 bottles of CBD oil            Retail Price $70   Sale Price $35.00

1 bottle of Gentle Detox Cleanse   Retail Price $36  Sale Price  $27.00

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This saves you $173.74

If you know about CBD oil already, you are very aware you would be paying at least $280 just for the 4 bottles of CBD oil

When you reorder you will not need to take the Gentle Detox Cleanse beyond the initial 30 days.

60 day supply.

2 JNK Formula Bottles

8 CBD Oil bottles

1 Gentle Detox Cleanse bottle

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