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Remain on Medication or Taper Off the Medication

Since 1999, The Road Back Program has assisted those who wish to remain on their medication but get side effect relief as well as taper completely off their medication/s. After 5 years of research, The Road Back Program developed nutritional supplements to help address both of those scenarios.

Why it took 5 years to develop the supplements.

In 1999, the amount of information about the medications was lacking. A black box warning was not on antidepressants at this time and the drug manufacturers had not been forced to reveal much about the metabolism of their medications. It was not until 2001, when our founder, Jim Harper, supplied DNA information to an attorney that had filed a case against Eli Lilly re; Prozac side effects, that things changed. Your DNA determines how fast or slow these medications metabolize.

Nutritional supplements can alter how fast or slow these medications metabolize. While formulating these nutritional supplements Jim found several fantastic supplements that would silence specific proteins and genes the drugs had activated, however, those supplements also affected how fast or slow the medication would metabolize. This would create a more problems. The person would either go into withdrawals or be overdosed, even thought the dosage of the medication had not been changed.

In 2004, Jim Harper started a DNA testing company, Advanced DNA Testing, to gather more information on DNA and the metabolism of medications and nutritional supplements. The studies conducted were in two distinct areas.

1. If a physician knew how each patient would metabolize a medication, would that information also help with tapering off the drug? Those studies did not help. It showed; why a certain person reacted to a medication quickly and why the next person took the medication with ease. But not how to taper the medication based upon DNA metabolism.

2. The useful information came when Jim turned his focus to nutritional DNA testing. This was a couple of years before this type of testing became popular and became mainstream. However useful it was it still left things short for the overall picture.

3. It was only when all aspects of the DNA data were blended that Jim formulated his first nutritional supplements. The nutritional supplements you will take is the same, whether you wish to remain on the medication or taper off the drug. The only difference is the addition of a specific omega 3 fish oil if you are taking an antidepressant or an antipsychotic.

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Follow the instructions on the bottle for how much to take and when to take them. That simple in 2023!