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Antidepressant and Antipsychotic Medication Weight Gain

After decades of research, finally the full cause of antidepressant weight gain and antipsychotic medication. With the information at hand, a method to reverse the weight gain has been developed.

Note - This is not a diet program or a weight loss program as you are used to reading about.

These steps are to get your body to a point where weight loss can now happen with the right food intake as well as exercise.

Most of you have tried all types of diet and some of you are even exercise trainers and you have consistently gained weight no matter the hours of exercise each day.

We actually hope you have tried diet programs and exercise before you use our antidepressant/antipsychotic weight loss program. That way, when you start losing weight you know it is from this program and not just diet and or exercise.

The Cause of the Drug Induced Weight Gain

The antidepressant and antipsychotics make 1 gene called the JNK gene become too active, and this ultimately causes the weight gain to start and continue. Not only do the medications activate the JNK but also a protein called MAP4K4. This protein resides upstream from the JNK and until this protein is silenced, the JNK will keep becoming over activated and sorry to say, the weight gain will continue.

Jim Harper created the supplement formula to reverse the weight gain and Jim has had a bit to say about the ingredients. “I kind of wish I would have found it takes some exotic supplement formula to work for drug induced weight gain. Many of the ingredients I have used to accomplish this are already found in several weight loss supplements. As it turned out, the amount used of an ingredient, the combination of ingredients and how you take the supplement was the key factor to its success.”

To state again; This program gets your body to a point where weight gain can happen again. Diet and at least mild exercise are required for the weight loss. Until you get the JNK gene and upstream proteins silenced, all the exercise and dieting in the world will not make a difference.

The steps;

Use the JNK 5 for a least 30 days.

Start a diet that promotes health as well as a calorie count.

Start exercising by taking at least 3 twenty-minute walks each week.

Continue taking the JNK5 along with diet and exercise until you are back to your desired weight.

If you are still taking an antidepressant or antipsychotic, you will need to continue taking the JNK5 along with diet and exercise to keep the weight off.

If you are already off the medication before starting this program, you can discontinue the JNK 5 once your optimum weight is achieved.

JNK5 Ingredients

Raspberry Ketone – Raspberry ketone does not inhibit the JNK gene directly. It has been included in the formula for its ability to promote the expression of the FNDC5 protein, which helps bring the JNK gene back to a balanced state. Normalizing the JNK gene is not only fantastic for general health but for weight loss to happen, it is a must.

Green Tea – Green tea helps regulate the JNK gene as well as the MAP4K4 proteins.

Caffeine anhydrous – This ingredient significantly reduces the activation of the JNK gene.

Green coffee bean – The green coffee bean does not affect the JNK gene directly. However, with its ability to help reduce inflammation and protein activity it was needed in the formula.

Garcinia Cambogia – This supplement is a popular weight loss supplement but used in combination of the other ingredients found in JNK 5, it actually works. The garcinia cambogia activates a protein/enzyme called CYP2B6. The CYP2B6 helps inhibit the JNK gene.

Ideally, you add one additional supplement to your daily routine. It is called Optimum Solace. There is a little added benefit when you add this supplement. The clinical study results below show why.

PANAS - Positive Affect Negative Affect Schedule

A 300% increase in positive feelings compared to placebo regarding positive feelings

Slightly over a 300% improvement with less negative feeling compared to placebo

DASS - Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale

A 400% improvement of depression compared to placebo for depression

A 250% improvement for anger compared to placebo

A 450% improvement for stress compared to placebo

POMS Results - Change in Mood

A 250% improvement for the feeling of tension compared to placebo

A 300% improvement for fatigue compared to placebo

A 450% improvement for confusion compared to placebo

A 500% improvement for vigor compared to placebo

These improvements were after 4 weeks.

Take a moment and evaluate how you would feel at this very moment.

If you had a 300% increase in a positive mood

If you had a 400% less depression

If you had a 250% reduction of anger

If you had 450% reduction in stress feelings

If you had 250% less tension

If you had 300% less fatigue

If you had 450% less confusion

If you had 500% more vigor

The Road Back Program is more than a medication taper program. We are interested in your overall health and well-being. Back in 2001, Jim Harper fought hard to get weight gain added to the list of potential side effects of antidepressants. The drug manufacturers denied their antidepressant caused weight gain because a few people lost a little wight when they first began taking the medication. Jim knew better and about the same time a Black Box Warning was placed on antidepressants the drug manufacturers added weight gain as a potential side effect.