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Cymbalta withdrawal. A guide for Cymbalta withdrawal to get off Cymbalta and avoid Cymbalta withdrawal. The web site you are on now, The Road Back, offers information on how to get off Cymbalta, prevent Cymbalta withdrawal side effects as well as eliminating current Cymbalta withdrawal side effects.

Cymbalta Withdrawal

Cymbalta Withdrawal

Cymbalta withdrawal - "Using your method to withdrawal off Celexa did the trick. Great information. Love the JNK Formula Complete. My head is clear, I can focus and not anxiety." George

Cymbalta withdrawal can be accomplished with a systematic withdrawal approach, even though it is a time release medication. You no longer need to make large reductions of the Cymbalta.

This Cymbalta reduction information is based on a study run by Eli Lilly, the maker of Cymbalta. “In Vitro Stability, Potency, and Dissolution of Duloxetine Enteric-Coated Pellets After Exposure to Applesauce, Apple Juice, and Chocolate Pudding” Kevin A. Wells, BS; and William G. Losin, PharmD. Eli Lilly

Inside the capsule of Cymbalta you will find pellets. These pellets are often called; balls or beads but for the sake of calling them what Eli Lilly calls them, I will be referring to them as pellets.

About Cymbalta Pellets

The pellets found inside the Cymbalta capsule are enteric coated. The coating on the pellets stops the Cymbalta from breaking down in the stomach and allows the intestinal fluid to bread down the enteric coating for an intestinal absorption. This gives the highest absorption rate of the drug, a consistent dosage, a consistent peak of the drug as well as a consistent clearance of the Cymbalta.

The Lilly Study

The reason for the study was to figure out how to deliver Cymbalta to the elderly who had a difficult time swallowing the capsule. This study by Lilly was not conducted to help anyone taper off Cymbalta.

Method Used

The capsules were opened and the pellets were mixed with applesauce or apple juice.

Why Applesauce and Apple Juice Was Successful

The pH of applesauce is roughly 3.5. Lilly tried chocolate pudding but the pH of the chocolate pudding has a pH of 5.5 to 6.0 and it affected the enteric coating of the Cymbalta.

Once the pellets are mixed in the applesauce, the pellets are stable at room temperature for roughly 2 hours. This gives you a little time and you do not need to rush the process.

The Cymbalta study used Mott’s applesauce and Mott’s apple juice. I urge you to also use Mott’s.

What to Avoid

Do not crush, chew or do anything that will break the enteric coating of the Cymbalta.

Reducing the Pellets

The number of pellets found inside a capsule of Cymbalta is subject to change by Eli Lilly.

What you need to have before you start reducing the Cymbalta:

1.   A scale that can measure as little as 5mg

2.   Supplements used to help with Cymbalta withdrawal.

Supplements are located:
United States, Canada and Great Britain Click here
Europe  Click here

Why these supplements?

In 1999, our founder Jim Harper used a slow gradual method to reduce medications. What Jim published in 1999 has been adopted by all pharmaceutical companies in their reduction protocol. However the success rate was not as desired and Jim continued to research for a more effective way to withdrawal off medication. Jim found; 50% of the people could get off a medication tapering slowly but the successful 50% still suffered withdrawal side effects.

After Jim located which genes and proteins the drugs altered he was able to pinpoint and target these genes in a natural way using nutritional supplements.

If you have already tried to withdrawal from Cymbalta or are currently experiencing Cymbalta withdrawal side effects, the supplements need to be used. If you are just attempting Cymbalta withdrawal as you read this and you do not have side effects, possibly you are one of the lucky ones who can reduce the medication slowly and get off the Cymbalta for good.

Cymbalta Withdrawal Week # 1

Keep taking the Cymbalta as you have been Do not change the dosage.

Start taking the supplements. You only need to follow the instructions on the bottles label.

Cymbalta Withdrawal Week 2

Open the Cymbalta capsule and pour the pellets onto a container you have placed on the scale.

You should follow the instructions found with your scale and weight the container or get the scale to read zero weight with the container resting on the scale.

Open the capsule and pour the Cymbalta pellets into the container.

For this example we will use 60mg of Cymbalta.

Your scale should read 60mg once you pour into the container.

You now want to remove 10% of the Cymbalta, which will equal 6mg.

Remove the 6mg without breaking or crushing the pellets.

Have your applesauce handy and pour the Cymbalta into the applesauce. Use no more than a tablespoon of the applesauce. Gently mix the applesauce and Cymbalta together. You want to be able to swallow the applesauce with the Cymbalta mixed in and not chew the pellets.

So you do not need to do this procedure every day, get yourself a 7 day pill holder and do only once each week.

Only reduce the Cymbalta every 7 days.

Avoid all dairy for 1 hour before and after taking the Cymbalta pellets. Ideally, you will only consume the applesauce or apple juice for 1 hour. If you drink pH altered water, to be on the safe side refrain from drinking a pH altered water for 1 hour before and 1 hour after taking the Cymbalta pellets.

Take the Cymbalta at the same time each day that you have been taking the Cymbalta. This is very important. You want to spend the first taper week making sure you can take the Cymbalta in this manner and to make sure this approach is not going to cause you to have withdrawal side effects.

Use your pharmacist along the way. You want to make sure each refill of the prescription is exactly the same as the previous, as far as the number of pellets found in each like dosage of the Cymbalta.

Second Reduction and Beyond

The second reduction will be another 10% or 6mg. So you will be removing 12mg out of the 60mg capsule. You will remove enough pellets to have a total weight of 48mg.

Remain on the 48mg for 7 days and then reduce by 6mg again for the next 7 days.

If at any time during the Cymbalta withdrawal the Cymbalta withdrawal side effects are too much; go back up to the last dosage you were doing well on and remain there until completely stable again.

The next time you start tapering the Cymbalta do it at an even slower rate. Try reducing by only 3mg each reduction.

Slow and steady will when this race.

When you are down to the last reduction of the Cymbalta it’s not a bad idea to do it slower. Instead of reducing the last amount by 6mg, reduce the Cymbalta by 3mg. Spend the extra week tapering and give your body more time to adjust.

After your last dosage of Cymbalta you will continue taking the supplements used during the taper for 45 more days. You can continue longer on the supplements if you wish.

To recap: Taper the Cymbalta gradually for a safe Cymbalta withdrawal.

While you discontinue Cymbalta flu like symptoms are quite common. The supplements we recommend should help greatly with those symptoms.

Other Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms are also a possibility and these supplements were formulated to help with the symptoms that can make it likely you will stay on the Cymbalta and not continue with the Cymbalta withdrawal.

Remember; head symptoms respond to Omega 3 Supreme.