There is Hope

There is a Solution

“I went off Klonopin a year and a half ago and the protracted withdrawal would not let up. I could not take vitamins of any type even if I wanted to, I felt sensitive to everything. Loud noises, bright lights, smells, spices in foods made me want to vomit, I did not want to be touched by my husband and the thought of going out would break me out in a sweat and fever. I am still not sure what possessed me to try the Neuro Endure because I knew it would just set me off again. I just had to do something. I could not continue to live this way any longer. I tried about 1/16 of a tablet trying to be safe and I did not react at all! Over the next couple days I gained the courage to try the tablet Jim recommended and I did not have a reaction to that either. I would not do it 3 times a day though. My husband encouraged me to use it 3 times like I was told and the end of the day I did that I actually hugged my husband for the first time in months. I could touch someone again and be touched back. I feel asleep that night, I actually fell asleep. The last time I think I can say I fell asleep was before the Klonopin. I looked again at The Road Back web site before I wrote this and I saw for the first time on their site, There is Hope. There is a Solution. There really is!!!”

“I wanted the supplements to help me taper off of Ativan (I take one tablet first thing in the morning as that is when the anxiety is the worst and another around noon and a 3rd at bedtime). I also take Elavil and Focalin. The primary challenge about getting off the Ativan is that seemingly the slightest reduction will trigger overwhelming anxiety. Yesterday, I took 1/4th of the supplement 1 hour after taking my meds, 1/4th at noon, and then 1/4th at 5:00 p.m. and actually felt relaxed and calm all day. I was even able to take an afternoon nap!”

“I have made the journey off both my SSRI, Lexapro and my benzodiazepine, Alprazolam. I sleep much better, not having as intense hot flashes, and my moodiness is gone.

I have some anxiety, but nothing I cannot handle if needed as I have my Neuro Day. Again, thank you for all that you have done for me. Being off the Alprazolam is wonderful. I never thought that was possible. And since going off the SSRI my white blood count continues in improve. However, my doctor still believes the SSRI could not be the culprit.” R.D

“I was able to get off Effexor, after 8 years of taking it, by using your products. And now, I use JNK5 and with diet and exercise, I have lost 20 pounds in 14 weeks, and I feel and look so much better!

I continue to take JNK Capsules so that I remain depression-free. When I stopped taking them for a bit, my depression returned, but with them, I don’t experience depression and I feel great and have none of the side-effects of Effexor.

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful products. They have enabled me to get my life and my health back!” L. K.

“My journey with The Road Back may seem a little wacky. I was taking Cymbalta, Tramadol and a cocktail of other medications for Fibromyalgia and back pain for three years, and had to stop taking Cymbalta because it was causing liver problems. I decreased the dosage under doctor’s orders but still experienced the “head zaps,” restless legs, anxiety and panic.

This particular doctor did not believe that stopping the drug after the lowest dose could cause the withdrawals I was complaining of, especially the head zaps. One morning after a night of vomiting (so I also could not take my tramadol–double withdrawals unbeknownst to me) the withdrawal symptoms were at their worst (add hair pulling and rocking back and forth) and as I was waiting to be driven to urgent care, I stood up from the couch hardly knowing what I was doing, my legs carried me to the computer, and I Googled “Cymbalta Withdrawal.”

One of the web sites that came up was The Road Back, and I’m so grateful. When I got to urgent care I had to explain that I am not on illegal drugs! The worst part was having my four-year-old daughter see me in that condition. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of it.

At first I was skeptical that it was just another gimmick, since I’ve been disappointed time and again by phony chronic pain “cures,” but thanks to The Road Back I have been off Cymbalta for a year and a half. Your caring staff answered a couple of questions for me when I needed to call, which was an added comfort to me.

Not only was I helped through my crisis, but I continue to use the products to help with Fibromyalgia-related sleep difficulty, and more recently have discovered the new Neuro Night for the nights I need extra help with sleep.

“Thank you” seems inadequate for the gratitude I feel, The Road Back, You are truly Heaven-sent. God Bless you!!! Love, K. L.

“I was on psychoactive drugs for a total of two years. It started with an antidepressant and a sleeping pill. I got worse. The dosages were upped. I didn’t improve. The doctors added on a “mood stabilizer,” then an anti-anxiety drug (a very low dosage of an antipsychotic). I figured the drugs were making me worse, not better…and in my total ignorance went off them cold turkey. Guess what happened. Back on the drugs. Eight months later, I was also prescribed a benzodiazepine “as needed” but no more than once a day. I felt like a zombie.

My doctor wouldn’t reduce my drugs until I “stabilized.” I figured out that there was no stability, that I had to get off the drugs. How I wish I’d known about your website three years ago when the nightmare began! Anyway, I’m following the diet advice you give and have so far lost 20 pounds of the weight I gained while on the drug cocktail. My health continues to improve. Thank you from my heart.” C. R.

“My best friend decided to go off Pristiq cold turkey back in November 2011.

We had been talking about it for awhile about him getting off these pills and one day when we arrived at work he forgot to have the pills and he decided then and there to stay off them. We work in an IT department and have extremely stressful jobs, for the first week while he was off them he seemed ok to me, I even mentioned he was doing really well. What I didn’t know was that while we were under pressure he seemed totally normal but as soon as he was not under the stress he was falling apart.

By the second week, he was irrational, angry, sad and it was always really hard to calm him down. He actually resigned from work, everything he was saying behind the reasons made perfect sense he said to me that he can see everything more clearly now that he is off the drugs, he felt like the drugs were holding him back but after he had resigned he fell apart and he would constantly cry uncontrollably.

This went on for a few days, I didn’t know what to do, I knew it was withdraws of the drugs. I started to research on the web about drug withdrawals and I came across the road back website. I emailed off a request for the ebook with a little note about a friend going off cold turkey. The team was extremely helpful and sent the book and even highlighted the chapters to go straight too. I read the entire ebook in a matter of hours. Being in Australia I had to track down where I could find all the vitamins it was going to take about a week to get them. I was really worried about him at this stage because he was in such a dark place I really thought I was going to find in floating in a pool when I got home from work.

I went to the chemist and found the best of the best of the omega 3 fish oil capsules, I printed out the book and highlighted the pages we needed. I convinced him that none of this was his fault and that this is all part of the ride from getting off these drugs. A week later all the vitamins arrived I placed them in plastic bags for each dosage for morning, mid morning, lunch etc, I sent a timer of when he should have them and got him to take these pills.

After a week of being on the vitamins he was a completely different person, I actually got him to laugh. By the Friday he came to me and said you saved me and he was feeling better like a normal person. I knew that we would still have good days and bad days and we did but we agreed he would stick it out for the 45 days. I ensured that we walked nearly every day by the beach, we walk for hours. The exercise really made a difference, if I could see that he was getting worked up, I would say let’s go for a walk, he always felt better after walking. Some days we would talk and some days not but just getting out there made everything better.

For the first couple of weeks you could tell he was getting better but every now and then you would see his mind wonder especially in the middle of a conversation and he would lose his train of thought as the weeks went on this all went away.

By day 30 I had my mate back, he was really good. It’s now March and I can’t thank the team at the road back enough for the encouraging emails and assistance. I really could not have helped my friend without you.

He is happy, healthy and coping with life drug free. Thanks again” KC

“Wow, who would have thought that just adding a few supplements would pull you back from Lexapro withdrawal hell!! I started taking Lexapro 7 years ago & have tried stopping many times – I have tried gradually reducing my dose & cold -, turkey, neither was successful. I always returned to taking the pill – despite the fact that I gained weight, experienced constant stomach upset, was always ready for a nap, had little sex drive, and did not feel much emotion (good or bad).

For someone that does not know what withdrawal feels like – I would tell them that the side effects from the meds were a walk in the park compared to withdrawal. However, I recently decided to give quitting another shot, and after about 6 days of persistent & worsening withdrawal, I typed “over the counter relief from Lexapro withdrawal” in the Google search engine & stumbled upon The Road Back Website.

My first thought was that it was another company that wanted to sell me something, but I soon realized it was free content so appeared to offer some solid advice – I didn’t have anything to lose besides a few bucks on supplements so I headed to the supermarket & went home to take my fish oil & vitamin E. I went to sleep for the night a couple hours later already thinking about calling into work the next day because I felt so bad.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt fine! I kept waiting for my symptoms to return, but it has been four days & I just keep feeling better! Thank you so much for offering this free content on the internet for those who are suffering & not getting the answers they need from the docs who gave them the meds in the first place!!!!!!” K.M.

It’s been four years now since I got off Effexor with your help. It took me nearly three months to taper off the dose, which is funny I think I only took it for 3 or four months before that. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder in 2003 though I have had depression and anxiety issues my entire life. Over the course of five years doctors prescribed to me Prozac, Wellbutrin, Celexa and finally Effexor. Each time a med would stop working I would scour the internet to research other drugs that I could convince my doctor to prescribe me. I began asking myself what if this one doesn’t work then what will fix me? What began as a general annoyance that the drugs either stopped working, caused rashes, or made me fat ended with Effexor making me sleep like a zombie, have night terrors so horrible that I felt physical pain in my dreams, and cry uncontrollably if I missed a dose. My children would ask me what was wrong and I would tell them not to worry I forgot to take my medicine they would look worried and say “then please don’t forget anymore”

I knew I had to get off and that doctors were not going to fix me. It is not their business to fix us it is their business to keep us coming back and if we are ok we do not need them. It became clear that I was the one living the lifestyle that made me have the problems. I was the one who had to find and make the changes to fix me. I Googled away and I found you.

Finally honest straight forward advice to get off and solutions to alleviate and minimize physical reactions to getting off the drugs. Thank you Thank you thank you! I have dropped your link in quite a few friends e-mails after discussing getting off different drugs. Getting off Effexor took a lot of time and dedication and even after I was off completely I still experienced uncontrollable crying (especially if I drank alcohol which is not that often) and zaps in my ears for about 6 months after that. You never said it would be easy, and you never tried to take advantage of me and sell me stuff. Even today I hear zaps from time to time and it just alerts me to get back on my omega 3s and stop eating crap.

Thank you for reassuring me that it can be done and I do not have to be dependent on a foreign chemical to feel normal. Thank you for reinforcing the link between diet (especially refined carbs) and brain function. I have come so far but I am reminded with my relapse of negativity and sadness anytime I deviate back to my old eating habits.

You must get thousands of thank you and testimonials each day, and I know mine is just one more but it comes truly heartfelt with immense gratitude.” Sincerely yours L. D.

“Thank you. We received the supplements and gave our 17 yr old daughter the Neuro Night before sleep Sunday night. She easily went to sleep with no Seroquel. Monday she took all supplements as directed.

She has never been so calm and pleasant and relaxed in many years (if ever)! Feels like a miracle!

Last night she did not fall asleep right away, but this morning she said she slept soundly through the night-first time in AGES!!

Today she went too many hours without the Neuro Day and JNK second dose because she was out of the house longer than expected. She felt flu-like and headachy etc, but still, handled the discomfort better than ever. Once she took the supplements again, she felt better all over again.

We can’t thank you and your team enough for publishing what it takes to get back on the road to health, and offering your guidance. This is already changing our family life.” N.T.

“I live in Nevada. I used your supplements to withdraw from a number of medications, with great success.

Thank you,” G.S.

I highly recommend The Road Back Program to anyone seeking comprehensive and reliable withdrawal assistance.

The Road Back Program has been a game-changer for me. Their innovative treatments and cutting-edge technology have transformed my health and quality of life.

As a long-time client of The Road Back Program, I can confidently say that their expertise and personalized care have made a significant difference in managing my health.