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Where supplements are available
Supplements are shipped from Utah in the United States.
Neuro Genetic Solutions has created Savings packages for us for your ease of ordering. Package A provides the supplements for antidepressants JNK Formula Complete, Neuro Day, Neuro Night, Omega 3 Supreme Package B provides supplements for benzodiazepines JNK Formula Complete, Neuro Day, Neuro Night Package C provides supplements for antipsychotics JNK Formula Complete, Neuro Day, Neuro Night, Omega 3 Supreme, Harper Drops Supreme
If you are located outside of the United States do not pay for faster shipping. Shipping will be as fast with standard shipping. You will receive a tracking number when order is processed. NGS processes orders within 24 hours on weekdays.
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Where Supplements are Available In the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand Click here (Australia and New Zealand are currently experiencing Covid delays at Customs. Expect 3-4 week delivery time.) All European Union countries Click here
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